Cedars International Academy Receives HQ Designation From The TEA

HQ Designation

We are overjoyed to share that Cedars International Academy has been honored with the High-Quality (HQ) designation by the Texas Education Agency (TEA)!

This accolade reflects our unique approach to education through Project-Based Learning, where we empower each student to actively engage and excel in their educational journey. Our dedicated staff and innovative curriculum have created an environment where creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking flourish.

We owe this success to our hardworking students, passionate educators, and the supportive community that believes in the power of free, quality education for all. Thank you for helping us make a difference and continue to provide exceptional learning experiences. Together, we're not just educating; we're shaping the future!

Please join us in celebrating this remarkable achievement. Here's to many more milestones at Cedars International Academy!