About Us

Cedars International Academy Schools are a Project Based Learning, tuition-free, public charter school district serving grades Pre-K4 – 12th for students of all ability levels, including accelerated academic programs to match student readiness. Our small teacher-to-student ratio allows us to focus on each student as an individual, ensuring a personalized learning experience. With an emphasis on academics and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) through Project Based Learning focused curriculum, we provide our students with diverse and dynamic learning experiences, including instruction in art, music, foreign language and culture, technology and physical education. 

Our Mission Statement: Cedars International Academy Schools inspire and nurture a child’s natural love for learning. We do this by providing a safe, supportive social and academic community where children are given the resources and opportunities to reach their full potential as they grow to be life-long learners.

Our Vision: All children can and will learn in the village we build through community, communication, continuity, and commitment.