Our Stories: Connecting And Sharing

Welcome to Our Community of Stories and Connections at Cedars International Academy!
At Cedars International Academy, we're more than a public charter school district; we're a vibrant community of learners, educators, and families, dedicated to creating a nurturing and inspiring academic environment. We believe every student and parent has a unique story to tell, stories that not only reflect our values but also inspire others.
That's why we've created this space - to share these wonderful narratives and connect our community even more closely. We invite you to follow along and interact with us along the way. Your likes, comments, and shares don't just spread the word about our daily learning adventures, they uplift our spirits!
Our district YouTube channel provides a look into classrooms, events, and more at both Cedars International Academy campuses. Here you can also watch testimonial videos and experience Cedars stories directly from students, parents, and community members. Make sure to subscribe and not miss a thing!
We have also collected written student, family, and community stories and reviews. Visit here and check back often as we continue to collect and share what others are saying about Cedars International Academy.
Your experiences and feedback matter! Share your Cedars International Academy story on platforms like GreatSchools.org, Niche.com, Google, and Yelp. Your reviews help new families understand the unique benefits of our schools and contribute to our continuous growth and improvement.
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  • Hashtags: We regularly use the following hashtags across our social media platforms: #cedarsintl, #cedarspbl, and #cedarslife. These hashtags connect our stories, ideas, and achievements, showcasing the diverse and dynamic world of Cedars International Academy. We encourage you to search for these hashtags and include them in your own posts. When you do, you're not just sharing a story – you're becoming part of a larger narrative that celebrates our unique approach to learning and community spirit.
Your participation and engagement in all of our digital communities helps us weave a richer, more vibrant tapestry of educational excellence and shared experiences.
Let's connect, share, and grow together!
Join us in our journey. Be part of our story.