Personalized Learning

The small teacher-to-student ratio at both Cedars International Academy schools allows for us to focus on each student as an individual and create a personalized learning experience. Unlike traditional public schools, which often have large class sizes and standardized curricula, Cedars offers more individualized attention and flexibility to meet the diverse needs and interests of all of our learners.

Through our personalized learning approach, we tailor instruction, assessment, and support to each student's strengths, preferences, and goals. It empowers our students to take ownership of their learning and progress at their own pace, as well as fostering a culture of collaboration.

We believe a small number of students per classroom is essential for implementing personalized learning effectively. With fewer students, teachers get to know each child's academic background, learning style, and personal interests, allowing more frequent and meaningful feedback and differentiated instruction according to each student's readiness and goals. Our small classroom environments provide for more active participation and engagement from all students, as well as more opportunities for peer-to-peer learning and support.

At Cedars, we strive to give each learner the strength to have more voice and choice in their education, encouraging them to be engaged and enjoy a more meaningful and fulfilling learning experience than they would experience in a traditional learning environment.